A new year marked by two major events. MODERN CAR provided transport for EU and Latin leaders during the EU-CELAC summit in Brussels, ensuring secure delivery of armored vehicles. The year ended with the visit of the President of Portugal.


MODERN CAR provided transportation logistics for the African Summit. The company also had lots of vehicles with chauffeurs in reserves for COVID-related issues.


After the pandemic, MODERN CAR had a successful comeback, celebrating its 50 years of existence. A memorable year also with the NATO Summit where MODERN CAR provided transportation for official delegations including the American President and the Prime Minister of Canada.


MODERN CAR organized notable visits for dignitaries. The company welcomed the Emir of Qatar and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in Brussels and Madrid, as well as managed transportation for official delegations to the new NATO headquarters, which included visits of TRUMP, TRUDEAU, and MAY.

That year was also an opportunity for MODERN CAR to change its headquarters and establish itself in Zaventem, a strategic location just a stone's throw from the airport.


MODERN CAR facilitated the Official Visit of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and then the one of King of Jordan in Brussels.


MODERN CAR handled all the two Presidential Visits of President OBAMA in Brussels.


MODERN CAR took advantage of this new decade to expand and modernize its fleet once again with the arrival of the BMW7 armored car, followed a few years later by a Tesla S and a Maybach.


Mr BOMBEEK retired, passing the business to his son Stéphane, who also became, the Official Supplier to the Royal Court.


A new decade marked by a very large contract for MODERN CAR, with the organization of Euro 2000 in Belgium and the Netherlands.


In 1996, the company took the opportunity to move to a new more spacious complex in Jette to store its vehicles acquired throughout the 80s and 90s.


A Rolls Royce Shadow I became part of the MODERN CAR fleet, this marked the continuation of MODERN CAR's transportation services for the royal family.

After that, the collaboration with the Embassy of the United States of America started with President REAGAN's visit, leading to MODERN CAR handling transport arrangements for US Presidents and high-ranking government officials visiting Belgium


MODERN CAR undertook its first mission for the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Royal Palace.


Roland BOMBEEK founded MODERN CAR. His first regular clients were the British and Australian embassies.