Modern Car Goes Green

More than ever, a sustainable and responsible approach towards the environment is everyone's business. That is why Modern Car is committed to providing quality limousine services with a reduced environmental impact.

A global environmental approach...

At Modern Car, our preference of eco-friendly processes isn’t new and we have integrated Eco responsible actions in our day-to-day business:  

  • Sorting and recycling of office waste and waste oils
  • No more use of harmful chemicals and cleaning of our fleet with rainwater and biodegradable, environmentally friendly products. 
  • Rational use of energy both in the offices and on the road.
  • Reduction of paper consumed by sending documents and invoices in electronic format.

... and a pioneering role in Brussels

In 2014 Modern Car decided to go even further and minimize its environmental impact with an "Eco-Friendly" luxury transportation service.

Modern Car is leading the way in Brussels. By opting for environmentally friendly electric vehicles we are redefining the concept of chauffeured limousine services at the heart of the European Capital.

In doing so, Modern Car reduces its emissions of greenhouse gasses and improves its use of natural resources through careful use of renewable energy.

Cars for enthusiasts of cutting-edge technology

The Tesla brand has attracted connoisseurs of fine mechanics ever since it launched its first vehicle on the market. With its unique concept of cars, combining luxury, performance and ecology the manufacturer has set tomorrow's standards.

Modern Car is driving the Tesla S. These vehicles are the perfect choice for highly comfortable, quiet and discreet journeys throughout the whole country, whether it is to attend a meeting, go to the airport or visit a city.

Are you tempted to experience our comfortable and energy-efficient services for yourself? Call us and allow us to persuade you.  


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